Your Passion. Our Mission. Make a difference with delicious food.

A memorable gathering, an exciting movie night, the company of your loved ones — we endeavor to delight the food lovers across the world. Wherever the good times happen, American Specialty is there to please the consumers.

From American Specialty Foods Co (ASFCO), a leading MNC in delivering packaged food and beverages, American Specialty has sought to redefine American food in millions of households. Backed by modern technology and attention to the little details, we create fresh, hygienic, and quality food.

Housed in New York, we’ve built a unique brand that promises tasty delectables anytime you crave it. Endorsed by the highest food qualification, our range of fresh packaged foods are packed with nutrients. We are shaping the American and Middle East palates with a commitment to natural flavors, authentic ingredients, and bold tastes.

We didn’t just make our range of flavored chips, tortillas, dips, and seasonings. We totally rethought it from the ingredients to the packaging. From fresh farm-grown potatoes to hand-picked chile peppers, all our products are inspired by America’s love story with food since the beginning of time.

Create memories all day long munching on our famous chips. Spice up your food for mouthwatering flavors with American Specialty seasonings. Enjoy your nachos, sandwiches, or quesadillas with the unique dips and sauces crafted with love for you. Life’s about taking chances, making memories, and enjoying the ride. With every American Specialty product, you uncover a delightful combination of unexpected tastes.