ASFCO loves Customers

Customer is the king and we would do no such thing that hampers the well-being of them. Thus, the food processing and preparation are always brought up to strict quality control measures that ensure proficient international standardization and grade is maintained in each of the products we offer. We make sure all the products are of the finest quality in terms of freshness, hygiene and health.

ASFCO is Quality

Quality should never be compromised no matter who we are serving. Giving quality the top most priority we produce products that are high grade in quality, fresh and utmost hygienic from the very start of procurement all the way till it reaches our satisfied end users. All the food distributed by our brands are procured from haccp, brc and halal certified production units.

ASFCO is Green

We use complete chemical free fruits and vegetable and every other ingredient that we acquire through local connections. We ensure each of our ingredients is free from the dangerous chemicals. We encourage reusable eco-friendly packaging systems throughout the processing period in order to keep plastic out of the waste stream.