Customer First, Customer Always

Consumers matter everything to us. We would do nothing to compromise their health at any time.

At American Specialty Co., we pledge steadfast loyalty to our consumers and treat every customer as a king. Our solid relationships with customers and the communities we serve are built one interaction at a time, one smile at a time, and one day at a time.

With our food processing systems under strict quality control measures and complete after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction, we take pride in a company culture that promotes respect, care, trust, and honesty at all times.

Customer satisfaction is paramount and reflected in a high level of repeat orders and references.

Quality, Quantity, Hygiene

We believe it’s your right to expect high quality and premium packaged food from us. Our goal is to deliver both.

From the procurement of the ingredients to the end-users, we follow the highest international hygiene standards. Procured from HACCP, BRC, and Halal certified production units, we ensure that your food stays fresh and tasty.

Sanitisation and hygienic processing ensure that our products are safe and healthy for consumption. American Specialty Co. is dedicated to delivering innovative, good-tasting food at honest prices.

Our strategy for sustainable growth includes the challenge to meet consumers’ expectations in terms of flavor, safety, and nutrition quality.

Sustainable Food Process

Thinking green at every step of the way, we ensure that our ingredients are hygienically sourced, real and sustainable.

We ensure that absolutely no harmful chemicals are used on the crops. None! Just fresh air, good dirt, sunlight, clean water, and lots of love.

Our ingredients from fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, to cereals are chemical-free to ensure you’re getting the most authentic American cuisine.

Global warming is a real threat, and hence we use eco-friendly packaging systems that promote reusable plastic in our processing flow. Let’s work together to keep plastic away from the waste stream!