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Plain Cut Potato Chips – Chili

Keep your taste buds happy with a delightfully balanced blend of chili and fresh farm-grown potato chips. American Specialty Potato Chips are laced with the authentic, bold taste of hot sauce for a taste sensation you’ll crave. These chips are guaranteed to be one hot item! Inspired by the American style, Chili flavored potato chips are seasoned with tradition you’ll never forget.

Plain Cut Potato Chips – American Cheese

With the delicious American cheese flavor and a hint of spices, these chips created with love taste absolutely divine to deliver a crunchy consistency. Made from fresh farm potatoes, they’re free from trans fat, gluten, and cholesterol. They are so delicious and crunchy that it is hard to stop at just one handful.

Plain Cut Potato Chips – Tomato Ketchup

It all starts with farm-grown potatoes and tomatoes, cooked and seasoned to perfection. It’s time to light up your taste buds with the great taste of luscious ketchup in your snacks. With a taste of tradition, American Specialty Potato Chips combine tangy tomato seasoning with a mouthwatering hint of spices in fresh plain cut potato chips.

Plain Cut Potato Chips – Salt

Sometimes the best snacks are the simplest ones —enjoy! An alluring snack with a crispy and light tasting, American Specialty potato chips were designed to put a smile on everyone’s face. Always fresh, crispy, healthy, and delicious, each bag of American Specialty oil-free potato chips is made with fresh hand-picked potatoes adhering to the highest quality standards.