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Prepared Mustard Dressings

Now enjoy the unique taste of mustard with Prepared Mustard Dressings that has a smooth texture and delicious taste. The strong and intense taste of mustard can bring oomph to the food. A combination of mustard seeds, natural flavors, and paprika brings a flavorsome taste that you can use as dressings, pair with meats, vegetables, sandwiches and hamburgers. Make your food more enjoyable with Prepared Mustard Dressings from American Specialty.

Smoky BBQ Sauce

The flavorsome smoky BBQ sauce is the right choice to make your barbecue sessions more exciting and tasty. It gives a smoky, juicy and savory taste to your barbecue dishes. Brush it over meat once you slice the meat lightly with thin lines on the top. Coat smoky BBQ sauce and let it seep down into the meat to display authentic flavor and taste. Now enjoy the additional smoky tang in every barbecue.