Adobo Seasoning

An enchanting mixture of Spanish paprika, kosher salt & pepper, herbs, and fine chili powder, the Adobo Seasoning mix is a powerful addition to your pantry. Bring the flavors of Latin America to your kitchen with fine black pepper, oregano, and cumin. Its deep cassava flour flavors are enhanced by garlic and hints of onion and lime. The result is a savory all-purpose seasoning you will reach for again and again.

Country of Origin

  • USA
  • Mexico

Packing List

  • Adobo Seasonings – 630gms X 9
Drool-worthy Seasoning Joy
A perfect blend of spices and herbs to top any snack or meal anytime! Try the peppy pouch of magical flavors crammed with salt, pepper, chili, garlic, onion, and many more at one go. You can use it in all kinds of recipes, from meat to chicken to fish and even non-meat dishes, like beans, rice, or eggs. Just simply marinate the chicken with the adobo seasoning overnight, then fry until done, or grill until the flavor is thoroughly cooked. Another tip is to make your own hot sauce! Mix the adobo seasoning with hot sauce to create your unique sauce that you can't stop drooling over. Use this blend anywhere you want a deep, flavorful enhancement of spice and seasoning.