Plain Cut Potato Chips – American Cheese

With the delicious American cheese flavor and a hint of spices, these chips created with love taste absolutely divine to deliver a crunchy consistency. Made from fresh farm potatoes, they’re free from trans fat, gluten, and cholesterol. They are so delicious and crunchy that it is hard to stop at just one handful.

Crispy Cheese Goofiness
A successful party is nothing without great cheese-flavored chips. Being the perfect pick-me-up for social gatherings, they can be served at your next family get‐together or while watching sports and movies. Pair American Cheese Chips with our exotic range of creamy dips, or a side serving with yummy salsa or meat. Keep a bag of American Specialty Potato Chips in your drawer or cabinet for the perfect snack. These snacks are crisp and tasty with good-for-you ingredients. Delight family, friends, and colleagues at parties or gatherings with light and satisfying potato chips. This snack is fat-free and cholesterol-free with 0g of trans fats per serving.