Cheese Sauce Dispenser

With a simple push of a button, this Cheese Sauce Dispenser from American Specialty is designed to maintain airtight control over the cheese sauce and effortlessly dispense warm, deliciously creamy cheese. The high-quality construction is extremely durable so that you can use this innovative model for years to come!

Tasty Cheese Goodness a Button-Push Away
Our cheese sauce dispenser automatically heats bagged cheese sauce for your convenience, be it for a movie concession stand or stadium, anytime it's needed. This dispenser features 225W of heating power to keep cheese sauce at the ideal temperature. Say yes to hygiene by avoiding direct contact with the sauce. With 100% usage, say goodbye to wastage with this easy-to-install, easy-to-handle, and operate dispenser. A compact, lightweight dispenser, it adds to the ambiance by occupying less space than usual. Product dimensions: 90x28x35cm. Spread the cheese sauce on crackers as an appetizer or use it as a breading on chicken fingers/fish sticks. Liven up your nachos, tacos, and pizza with delicious creamy cheese sauce dispensed effortlessly from this dispenser!