Creamy American Spinach Dip

This crowd-pleasing party dip is a delicious creamy blend of sour cream, American cheese, fresh Spinach and is best served with toasted bread for dipping. This fabulous dip from American Specialty works well for on-the-go meals and parties. Grab a bowl and dig into our famous creamy spinach dip that is full of flavor! Perfect for pairing with tortilla chips, flatbread, veggies, or crostini.

Nutritious Tasty Greens
Fussy kids about the greens? Check out our Creamy American Spinach Dip making your kids crave more greens! Serve with crackers such as wheat thins, savory crackers, or pita chips. It can also be used to coat vegetables such as carrots for a low carb snack. A lip-smacking combination with sliced French bread, Hawaiian bread, and Sourdough, the amazing crackers and pretzels are healthy like never before! When you need a delicious, no-fuss dip, Creamy American Spinach Dip is the recipe to have in your recipe box.