Creamy Butter Milk Ranch Dip

A classic everyday dip brightened with the pleasant tang of dairy-rich creamy buttermilk and the fresh flavor of traditional Ranch herbs. The perfect party dip or everyday snack. Dip vegetables, chips, chicken, and more into this rich, creamy dip for a zesty kick! Or sauce up your sandwiches spread with turkey and ham for a delightful burst of flavors.

Palatable Ranch Herbs
On a Diet? Make it fun with our dip designed especially for the fitness freaks out there! Replace random routine salad dressing and blend flawlessly for all veggies. Melt the extra spice from the hot chicken bites and couple it with any pizza! These crackers have a sturdy crispness, such as Triscuits and Wheat Thins. For salads or veggie dips, this ranch dressing is sure to please adults and kids alike. Spiked with the tangy flavor of ranch dressing and freshly blended herbs, American Specialty creamy buttermilk ranch dip is perfect for crudités or chips.