Creamy French Onion Dip

A perfect balance of flavorful ingredients, this creamy, luscious dip is the must-have dip in your kitchen and is a great accompaniment to crispy potato chips. We recreated a yummy combination of Parmesan cheese and sour cream for a soft, creamy texture. The resulting flavor is reminiscent of the traditional onion ring appetizer you’d find at many restaurants, but without all the time and effort it takes to caramelize onions.

Mouthwatering Flavorful Dip
You can add our French Onion Dip into the mashed potatoes and combine them well together. To get some more flavors top it up with sauteed onions and parsley. The healthy evening snack veggies can be made tasty by using the French Onion Dip as the dressing along with some lemon juice. Whether you’re serving it for a dinner party or game day gathering – this flavorful dip is always a hit. Our take on this delicious classic will make it a hit with any type of chips, crackers, bread, and even veggies!