Hominy Soup Seasoning

Recreate a mouthwatering chicken soup for a perfect evening with this dainty hominy soup seasoning made from dried maize kernels with a dash of lime and flowery aroma of cilantro. This tasty, no-fuss soup is perfect for a quick supper or a light lunch. For cooking for family and friends or for preparing entertaining dinner party dishes, use true hominy soup seasoning in your signature soup.

Country of Origin

  • USA
  • Mexico

Packing List

  • Hominy Soup Seasoning – 530gms X 9
Shhh! Hot and Sour Incoming
Indulge fresh chicken, hominy, and kidney beans in a flavorful broth, with fresh lime juice and cilantro. It tastes great with a wedge of lime on the side and a big heap of warm tortilla chips or flour tortillas. Hot and Sour Hominy soup paired with the perfect seasoning is all you need! Handle the harsh winters with our pack of savory seasoning and feel the coziness within. The shredded chicken, onions, and cilantro keep the mixture from getting soupy, while the hominy and lime juice give it zest.