Lemon Pepper

What do you get when you mix the fresh farm-grown lemon zest with carefully handpicked black pepper? An aromatic seasoning from the American Specialty without any artificial preservatives or additives! It’s a great addition to your kitchen, perfect for using as a dressing on salads and meats or even to boost the flavor of your favorite marinades.

Country of Origin

  • USA
  • Mexico

Packing List

  • Lemon Pepper – 794gms X 9
Lemon Zest & Pepper Zing
Ready to savor the flavor of roasted chicken, salmon pasta with our lemon pepper seasoning? Spread on the bottom of your favorite chili lime shrimp tacos, or create a flavorful layer under your next batch of black bean soup. It is also a perfect seasoning for vegetables like grilled asparagus, tomato slices, and zucchini. Sprinkle a generous amount of lemon pepper seasoning on the chicken breast and add it to your salad. Slow cook the pork ribs smeared with the lemon pepper seasoning for a perfect date night dinner. You can sprinkle it over any meal for a unique flavor twist.