Mexican Oregano

Between the citrus zest from the tangy fresh lemon and the tones of delicious licorice, you’ve got the best original flavor you need to transform salsas, grilled pork, pan pizzas, and quesadillas into a delicious meal. With grassy undertones, Mexican oregano is a twist to the traditional oregano to make your cuisine taste better.

Country of Origin

  • Mexico

Packing List

  • Mexican Oregano – 142g x 9
Grassy Tex-Mex Accent
Give explosive flavors to the regular potato wedges and fries with our Mexican oregano seasoning. Bake Mexican oregano filled pizza dough and serve it with more seasoning on top. Add a dash of the seasoning to get the authentic flavor of Mexican rice. This is a fabulous seasoning for all your fajitas or tacos or accent for roasted chicken or fish. Just mix Mexican Oregano into your favorite fish or chicken recipe for a flavorful meal that will wow the whole family.