Nacho Sliced Jalapenos Peppers

They’re hot, and they’re tasty! Delight your taste buds by turning up the heat on your favorite corn chips combo using these flavorful, fiery Jalapeño peppers. Our premium sliced jalapeño peppers capture the incredible artistry of the fresh pepper, delivering a colorful cornucopia of sliced peppers for your culinary delights.

Spice Up Corn Chips Combo
A perfect fusion in the harmony of smoky goodness and hot spicy appeal, with a burst of fruity flavor, they are an excellent complement to everything from corn chips to burritos. We provide you with the opportunity to savor these beautiful fiery chile peppers in every form imaginable! Even the most demanding finicky food enthusiast will love the sweet and savory taste of these premium, long length slices. Use these high-quality Jalapeño peppers to create delicious appetizers, side dishes, and casseroles. Leave the food lovers with a delightful taste to come back, wanting for more.