Premium Cheddar Cheese Sauce (3000g)

Savor the delicious fermented premium cheddar cheese sauce on your burgers and corn chips in its glory! With rich, creamy yellow color and perfect flavorful cheddar taste. Brought from its Mexican roots and recreated by American Specialty, it will keep the food lovers hooked for more.

For Your Health: This slimmed-down premium sauce boasts a fraction of the fat you’d find in regular or processed cheese sauces. Nacho Cheese Sauce is our signature sauce for Nachos.

Multi-purpose Taste Enhancer That You Deserve
Want to make your burgers the best damn ones in the world? Premium cheddar cheese sauce from American Speciality is your one-stop solution. Generously spread it all over inside your burgers before sending it to the grill. This sauce also complements the corn chips perfectly with a premium feel to it. With the rich taste, this cheese sauce will leave your food fans craving for more. Looking for some change in your regular food? Take our premium cheddar cheese sauce and whisk them along with eggs; add some parmesan cheese with Italian seasoning and serve it on a chicken breast for a meaty delicacy. Are you a vegan? Take some butter in a pan and add all-purpose flour; boil our premium cheddar cheese sauce in the pan, and add them to boiled veggies. Tempt your kids with this smooth veggie treat if they are picky with food. Alternatively, you can add to omelets or scrambled eggs for a sharp tang of cheddar with an explosive combination of texture and flavor.