Thick and Chunky Salsa Medium

Thick & Chunky Salsa Mexican recipe is a unique and powerful blend of vegetables, sauces, and premium spices to tickle your taste buds with its delicious taste. Refreshingly thick and chunky, this delicious salsa tastes heavenly. Our special thick chunky recipe will fill your taste buds with the tantalizing Tex-Mex flavor you’ve looking for.

Country of Origin

  • USA

Packing List

  • Thick and Chunky Salsa – 1900g X 4

Storage Condition and Shipping:
Keep under normal conditions of dry & ventilated places, without being exposed to extreme temperature & direct solar light. Ship the goods in closed container, preferably on pallets with required temperature inside the vessel.

Kitchen Tips and Tricks:
Our mouth watering Salsa, best when served with Nachos, try American Specialty Nachos.

Refreshing Tex-Mex Flavor On The Go
Tired of spending a lot on takeaway nachos? You can make your own restaurant styles nachos at home with our Thick and Chunky Salsa designed for regular use. Take a heating pan and add some nachos to top it up with the thick and chunky salsa with some cheese. Create two more such layers and bake in an oven. Top it up with parsley and serve it hot. Suitable for grabbing and consuming it on the go, this salsa comes in a beautiful glass jar. The combination of fresh tomatoes, green chilies, cilantro, lemon juice, and spices gives you a mouth-watering taste that you will crave forever. Dip it with corn chips or serve over tostadas and tacos when you are bored.