Thick and Chunky Salsa Medium

Spice up the food with Thick and Chunky salsa and make it more delectable.

Add to your kitchen this typical Mexican cuisine and enhance the flavor of your food. The perfect blend of ingredients and spices make Thick and Chunky Salsa sauce extremely delicious. Use it as a dip or add it to any food to get typical piquant and mouth-watering taste. The American flavor makes it perfect to have with Nachos.

Country of Origin

  • USA

Packing List

  • Thick and Chunky Salsa – 1900g X 4

Storage Condition and Shipping:
Keep under normal conditions of dry & ventilated places, without being exposed to extreme temperature & direct solar light. Ship the goods in closed container, preferably on pallets with required temperature inside the vessel.

Kitchen Tips and Tricks:
Our mouth watering Salsa, best when served with Nachos, try American Specialty Nachos.