Plain Cut Potato Chips – Tomato Ketchup

It all starts with farm-grown potatoes and tomatoes, cooked and seasoned to perfection. It’s time to light up your taste buds with the great taste of luscious ketchup in your snacks. With a taste of tradition, American Specialty Potato Chips combine tangy tomato seasoning with a mouthwatering hint of spices in fresh plain cut potato chips.

Refreshing Tangy Kick
It’s time to light your taste buds and savor the tempting flavor of homestyle tomato ketchup and the thin, crispy crunch to entice your taste buds. Serve them at any occasion and let everyone go gaga about it! These potato chips were crafted for a most indulgent taste. Each bag is made with the freshest, hand-picked potatoes and seasoned to perfection. No matter how you use them, they’re bound to bring smiles and satisfy any cravings. We take our favorite potato chips and enhance them with something extra. Our new American Specialty Potato Chips, Chili flavor, is laced with hot sauce for a taste sensation that will make your mouth dingle. The bold taste of tangy tomato sauce is the perfect beginner's step into the world of spicy, sour flavors. These chips will keep your taste buds happy forever. Enjoy a guilt-free experience by snacking on the cholesterol-free, fat-free potato chips.